Circle K and SYEMC roll-out installation of DC chargers for Electric Vehicles

Surry-Yadkin Electric Membership Corporation (SYEMC) teamed up with Circle K, and several Electric Cooperatives of North Carolina installed, energized, and commissioned their new direct current (DC) faster ChargePoint on Interstate 77 corner in Surry County. North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives are the authorized power supplier and nation’s association for electric companies. There is a quicker way to add a long-lasting charger for motor owners and travelers using electric vehicles within Surry County.

On September 15, officials from the respective organizations, economic experts, and county leaders in the joint partnership attended the new charging station’s commissioning ceremony. The first-ever fast DC charging unit for electric vehicle users in a 121-mile highway stretch of Interstate 77 connects the state of West Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio. In July, a team energized the fast charger after installation on the southwest corridor of a parking lot for the Circle K located along the Zephyr Road at its Dobson Exit. The ChargePoint fully charges a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) within one hour, allowing all-electric vehicle users to travel a distance of 300 miles using $27.

Every electric cooperative such as SYEMC located in North Carolina pledged its commitment to continue developing a network of fast-charging stations for electric vehicle users staying in North Carolina’s rural areas. The fast charger at Interstate 77 corridor is among the units under development to enlarge the charging stations’ network. The initiative relies on an investment of $1 million for cooperatives to establish a suitable charging infrastructure for electric vehicle users in North Carolina. Recently, eight electric cooperatives in North Carolina received funding from the state’s Volkswagen Settlement to roll-out installation of additional fast-charging units stationed along state highway corridors.

The goal of electric cooperatives in North Carolina is to establish robust electric vehicle charge stations to enhance EVs’ adoption. By 2030, this move aims to reduce 50% of the levels of carbon emissions recorded in 2005 and achieve its anticipated net-zero-emission goal by 2050. The 26 electric cooperatives in North Carolina, such as SYEMC, launched their initiative for Brighter Future that seeks to maintain the affordability and accessibility of electric power, alongside accomplishing crucial sustainability goals. 

During weekends, many EV owners overcrowd the new ChargePoint for electric vehicles stationed at I-77 corner. Every electric car owner uses an online map to identify the locations of fast-chargers when planning their travels. The fast-charging station in Dobson now appears on every mapping system used.  In summary, the move aims to boost the tourism industry and the overall economy of Surry County. Travelers and drivers of electric vehicles can make stops at the parking lot, meaning that they can visit the Circle K and other nearby supermarkets and restaurants.