Apple is widening its renewable energy coverage all over Europe

Apple revealed that it would be deploying two major onshore wind projects in Europe to meet the Paris agreement on carbon emissions. One of the wind projects will generate 62 GW capable of sustaining close to 20000 households.

The power generated from this Esbjerg facility will support the Danish grid in meeting Apple centers’ energy requirements. Lisa Jackson of the Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives department at Apple argues that Apple’s combined efforts through its Viborg data center and other giant companies will accelerate the recovery of the environment from global warming while informing the next decision in solving climate change problems.

Jackson explained that Apple is ready to explore the opportunities associated with clean energy through fervent innovations and research. The global company will be offering renewable energy to the communities around their data centers to stimulate the quick transition from fossil fuel energy to renewables. Jackson added that Apple would be on the frontline in pushing for the retrieval of the planet from the impending climatic doom.

Apple revealed that it would be shifting all its electric operations from carbon-dependent energy to clean energy by 2030. This move indicates Apple’s goal of restructuring to start manufacturing devices that champion for an emission-free society. The company will scrap off all production processes that are pollutive to meet the environmental regulations.

Varta data center of Apple in Germany revealed that its production activities had realized a 100% transition to renewables. Other Apple suppliers shifting to renewables in Europe include STMicroelectronics, Tesa SE, Solvay, and DSM Engineering Materials.

Additionally, Apple has renewable power purchase agreements running in developing countries to factor their efforts in this change. Other companies are expanding operations to adapt to renewables, according to Apple’s half-decade program.

Apple inaugurated its five-year energy plan five years ago to motivate its suppliers to switch to clean energy. The company currently has over 70 manufacturing facilities in over ten countries working towards 100% clean energy in production. The success of these programs will inform a reduction in carbon emissions by 14.5 million metric tonnes. This quantity equates to the trouble of evicting over 2 million ICE vehicles from the roads on an annual basis.

Finally, the Viborg data center in Germany has been instrumental in providing communication services to Apple’s customers in this country. The renewable energy programs supporting this data center have proved their efficiency in operating a data center on clean energy. Additionally, the center has recruited many local professionals to work in the facility, which solves unemployment in the surrounding communities.