The family and friends of Al Worden will be commemorating the life of the lunar navigator

Astronauts and the family of Al Worden will be celebrating the lunar navigator after the strides and relationships he made while still alive. Alfred Worden died this year and gained admission into the Guinness Book of World Records. His record was the only human who stayed far away from any human being while exploring the moon via the Apollo 15 spacecraft close to three decades ago. All those who knew him will be sharing his memories and celebrating his life via a webinar.

Worden’s family tweeted that the Colonel has finally left the Earth for the second time and now for good after leaving the Earth for the moon 29 years ago. The family members say that this is the second time he distanced himself, similar to the same experience when he was on the moon with two of his fellow astronauts.

Al Worden was an all-round individual playing different roles in the lives of all that mattered to him. Some viewed him as a father, benefactor, explorer, technician, teacher, friend, and many more roles depending on those he was associating within his life. The family of Al Worden announced that they would be welcoming anyone who knew Al Worden to celebrate him amid the coronavirus pandemic through a webinar.

The celebration will start at 1500 GMT for all those who subscribe to it via the celebration website. Those who knew or worked with Worden will give their tributes to motivate the young generation of navigators and engineers to follow in his strides.

The chief of Kallman Worldwide, Tom Kallman, announced that the family members of Al Worden would be starting the tributes with stories they made with the lunar explorer followed by the astronauts who were in the same class as Jack Lousma and Charlie Duke. Tom Kallman will be the chair and host of this celebration.

The other participants who will be paying their spoken tributes to the fallen lunar navigator include Drew Morgan, who went through the same school as Worden, Tim Peake, ESA’s astronaut, and met the departed astronaut in Kallman Worldwide’s event.

The celebration will be remembering Al Worden’s epic tour of the moon via Apollo 15. Al Worden will also be remembered for being the first navigator to go for spacewalking past the Earth horizon. 

Kallman admitted that they would celebrate the astronaut for his outstanding humanity and active participation in other people’s lives. He added that if we all emulate this astronaut’s life, then the world would be a better place for everyone.

Finally, Kallman has also organized some Hawaiian shirts with the astronaut’s logo imprinted on them in his memory. He explained that this celebration aims to make the generation that never witnessed the active astronaut to remember him. Additionally, the festival will be informing people to contribute to the Astronaut Al Worden Endeavour Scholarship Foundation to spearhead the resumption of activities in this center.