MonacoSat preparing to deploy its second satellite

The CEO of the startup satellite developer MonacoSat, Ilhami Aygün, revealed the details of the upcoming deployment of this firm’s second satellite which will take place before the end of 2020. The chief executive stated in a virtual interview of the 5th Global Satellite and Space Show that the first satellite was an opener into the numerous upcoming launch missions. He added that they are working towards the completion of the second program before revealing the developer of the second communications satellite.

The first MonacoSat satellite is a project that came to a successful end with the subsequent launch of the spacecraft five years ago. The satellite, TurkmenAlem-52E/MonacoSat, has been delivering television display and internet services for the nations in North Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and some parts of Europe. The leadership of Turkmenistan and Space Systems International of Monaco collaborated to support the development of the satellite, preparation of the deployment services, and clearance of the ground facility for the operations to proceed.

Aygün admitted that the federal government of Turkmenistan is utilizing over half of the services offered by TurkmenAlem-52E, hoping that the firm can widen the capacity on this satellite. He added that the second satellite will be software engineered and will offer communications details contrary to those of the first satellite. Aygün explained that the initial partners in the development of the first satellite would maintain their support for MonacoSat-2. This satellite will be adjustable to enhance the affordability of transferring a megabit of data. This concept makes the satellite an epitome of the incoming technological advancements.

Nevertheless, the executive was adamant about divulging the date of deployment of the satellite, its coverage range, and also the influence that the supporting government will have over the satellite. Aygün articulated that the need for the communications service satellites is growing and will soon become a new basic commodity for companies requiring or offering internet services. The current trend is that the video broadcasters are poting for more IP-based services rather than the standard linear operations, raising the need for satellites offering this service.

MonacoSat is one of the upcoming satellite developers springing from the European continent, together with the BulgariaSat of Bulgaria. The firms are establishing themselves as single satellite developers taking their time to develop each before moving to the next. Finally, even more, satellite developers are sprouting all over the world with one of the new satellite industry entrants, CarpathiaSat, developing its first satellite. This trend is likely to push through to the future. The industry leaders hope for the establishment of a code of conduct in space to scare away unfavorable competitors.